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Cookie DotsThe Cookie Dots® were created in 2003 when people began to visit the Just Sweet Enough® Gourmet shop complaining of high cholesterol and heart problems and wanted a dessert just for them. At the same time, the shop was being bombarded with clients who had just been diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, allergies and various cancers. As Just Sweet Enough® was taking notes and trying to figure out what to do to please everyone, it received a call from Lindora Weightloss Medical Center (corporate office), Weight Watchers, and Overeaters Anonymous in regards to obesity.

It was close to holiday season and a lot of clients were also Jewish. Taking all of this into consideration, Cookie Dots® were born!! Cookie Dots® are cholesterol free. There are absolutely no animal products in Cookie Dots®. Although sugar is used, there's such a small amount, it doesn't register in the Nutritional Facts. Only the best Kosher ingredients are used to make Cookie Dots®: real juices, oils, zests and fruit.

For starters, Lemon and Vanilla were made, but by April of 2004, other flavors were tested for various health challenges. Strawberry (loaded with Vitamin A which replaces healthy red blood cells) Cookie Dots® were given and sold to clients coming in who were anemic and/or going through chemotherapy. In fact, the American Cancer Society was a regular client and soon inducted Glynis Albright as one of its board members.

Blueberry (brain booster fruit) Cookie Dots® were made for those who had parents going through their first stages of Alzheimer's (Dementia) as well as for children who had lots of studying and memorizing to do for school.

Peach, Banana, Pineapple Coconut, Peach Mango, Chocolate Raspberry and Orange were also born and were tested.

Just Sweet Enough® also began to bake wheat free Cookie Dots® in three flavors for the public: Orange Almond, Banana Walnut and Apple Toffee. They were made with Spelt flour.

For those on a high protein diet, Just Sweet Enough® produced Chocolate Mint Pecan Cookie Dots® made with soy flour.

Later in April of 2004, Glynis Albright met with Dr. Fobi (inventor of The Fobi Pouch and owner of the Center for Obesity with Surgical Treatment) and she began to sponsor with Dr. Fobi various functions for the obese. Cookie Dots® were introduced to Dr. Fobi's clients.

It's such a wonderful thing that Cookie Dots® satisfy so many. Mostly, those who just want a delicious treat will turn to Just Sweet Enough for their special needs.

Cookie Dots® became Just Sweet Enough®'s most popular item, almost outselling it's product that gave the company it's fame -- Sweet Potato Poundcake (a dessert loaded with betacarotene, which is highly needed in diets of Just Sweet Enough®'s clients going through chemo and radiation therapy). Cookie Dots® are defiinitely treats that will be here to stay. Keep checking for new flavors coming soon.

Cookie Dots®
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