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Alicia Keys Alicia Keys/R&B Recording Artist:
My beautiful hat box was loaded with treats that were so good!

Gerald Albright/Jazz Recording Artist:
I love you.  You are a wonderful wife, beautiful Mother and I get to have delicious treats anytime I want.  I am so proud of you!
Bobby Lyle/Jazz Recording Artist:
Glynis!!!  I loved my gold wedding cakes, my lemon cake and all the other treats that you've prepared when I've come to your home.  You are the best.   God bless you.

Chuckii Booker/Music Producer:
Glyn-Glyn, I can't wait to get those Creamcheese Cookies!  You've always done such nice things for me, even when you were not feeling well yourself.  You are such a wonderful sister.
Ali Woodson/Vocalist-Former lead singer of The Temptations:
I have had the chance to eat your good cookin' and taste your delicious treats.  Everything is deeeeelicious!!!

CeCe Michaela/Actress - television show "Girlfriends":
Ooooh, that Softly at Sunrise Lemon Cake is the bomb!!!
General Colin Powell/Former US Secretary of State:
The chocolate cake that you prepared for us in Simi Valley was very delicious!  Thank you.

President William Jefferson Clinton/Former President of the United States:
Glynis, Hillary and I pray for a speedy recovery.  We had no idea that you were ill.  Thanks for the photo and delicious treats.
Bill Cosby/Actor:
The gift baskets that Stu and Gloria Gardner ordered from Just Sweet Enough® were beautiful.  We enjoyed the desserts and the extra gifts.

Dave Clark/News Anchor-Los Angeles, CA:  Glynis, your treats were just like the name -- Just Sweet Enough®!!
Dave Koz/Jazz Artist:
God bless you, Glynis.  Thank you for sending so many delicious treats to the WAVE radio station.  We will always support you and Gerald.

Eriq LaSalle/Actor - television show "ER":  Glynis, Girrrrrrrl, I have to have some more of that Sweet Potato Poundcake!!  You and Gerald
are special people.
Halle Berry/Actress:
Glynis, you and your desserts are over the top!!

Arsenio Hall/Comedian:
You are an Angel.  I could always depend on
a special treat from you at just the right time.
Howard Hewitt/R&B Recording Artist:
I have been ordering your cakes for years and they seem to get better and better.  Thank you so
much.  You and Gerald are special people.

Jonathan Butler/Jazz Recording Artist:
Glynis, your cakes are simply delicious!!  You are a beautiful woman.
Paul Jackson/Jazz Recording Artist:
Glynis, my sister, you are a beautiful person and your desserts have always been the best.  May God continue to work through you.

JoMarie Payton/Actress:
To someone who is sweet enough, thoughtful enough, and caring enough to come up with a dessert line that is Just Sweet Enough® for everyone.  God bless you, my Sister!!!
Ronald Reagan/Former President of the United States:
The chocolate cake that you prepared for us in Simi Valley was very delicious!  Thank you.

Lee Ritenour/Jazz Recording Artist:
I don't eat a lot of sugar, but I love those little Cookie Dots®!
Sheryl Lee Ralph/Actress - "The Moesha Show":
Glynis, thank you for my beautiful Just Sweet Enough® gift bag!

Tommy Davidson/Comedian:
Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, those Creamcheese Cookies are the bomb!  Glyn, you and Gerald have been there for me for years.  Thank you for always being my family.
Wayman Tisdale/Jazz Recording Artist:
Glynis, that Sweet Potato Poundcake will make you slap yo' Momma.  I'll be ordering some more of that.

Will Downing/Jazz Vocalist:
Hey there, Pretty Lady!  You have always taken good care of me.  From the food tip to the dessert tip, you are definitely Just Sweet Enough®.  Thanks!
William Allen Young/Actor - television "The Moesha Show":
Glyn-Glyn, you are the best.  Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

Pat Harvey/News Anchor-Los Angeles, CA:  Glynis, my birthday cake was not only beautiful, but also delicious.  The best!!
LaTanya Richardson-Jackson/Actress:
Glynis, your Cookie Dots® are delicious.  I'll be ordering more!

Samuel Jackson/Actor:
I like those Cookie Dots®.  The Vanilla Cookie Dots® are good.
Natalie Deselle-Reed/Actress - television
"The Eve Show":

Glynis, you are such a sweet person.  You are as sweet as your desserts.  Thank you for everything.  You've shown me how to eat when my cholesterol is through the roof.  You're a beautiful woman.

Eve/Rap Artist, Actress - television
"The Eve Show":
Glynis, I am so glad that Natalie introduced us.  I love those lemon cookies and your display at our holiday gathering was beautiful.  The entire cast and crew were so surprised at the presentation.
Kim Fields
Kim Fields/Actress:
Sis, I'd like for you to know that I am, along with my band, addicted to your Cookie Dots® and all the rest of your product.  I can't believe I had you coming in on days that the shop was closed to pick up product.  I'm hooked!!!

Dave Winfield Dave Winfield/ Baseball Hall of Fame:
Glynis, you and Gerald are great people.  I am so impressed with Just Sweet Enough® and your product Cookie Dots® needs to be known to everyone.  Keep doing what you are doing.  Tonya and I are very proud of you two.
Ali Landry/Actress - television
"The Eve Show":
Glynis, your cookies are the best!  Thank you for making our holiday party on The Eve Show so special!

Tim Bowman/Jazz Guitarist:
Glynis, I love your Cookie Dots® and will be ordering more.  My family and I are into the healthier treats.  Thank you!!!
Omarion/ HipHop Recording Artist :
Auntie Glynis, I love you and appreciate what you and Uncle Gerald have given to me since I was growing up.  You two are so special to me.  I love your Cookie Dots® and all of your special treats.  Thanks for cooking for the entire tour bus when we came to Denver.  Love, Omari.

Earvin "Magic" Johnson/ Basketball Legend:
Glynis, thank you for taking good care of me when I needed you.  You took care of me and my entire retired basketball team with your healthy treats.
Larry Drew/Former Assistant Coach for the Los Angeles Lakers:
Glyn, thank you for the treats that you baked for us when we went to Europe.  It was a total surprise to get so many boxes of delicious
cookies that were good for us.  I shared them with everyone.

Bette Midler/Actress/Pop Recording Artist:
I've had a lot of cakes, but your chocolate cake is delicious.
Stevie Wonder/Recording Artist, Activist, Philanthropist: 
I have enjoyed those Monster Macks cookies.  Thank you for all of the beautiful gift boxes that you have shipped out for me.  What you are doing for others is wonderful.

John Hope Bryant/CEO and Founder of Operation Hope: 
Glynis, Sis, you are the best.  Thank you for being you!!  You are one of my she-roes, my friend.
Jeff Golub/Jazz Guitarist: 
Glynis, thank you for your hospitality!!  Your cooking is over the top. 

Richard Elliott/Jazz Recording Artist: 
Glamorous Glynis!!  I love those Cookie Dots!!  Glynis, you are awesome!!  I have NEVER experienced waffles like yours.  It was like eating air . . .so light. 
George Duke/Recording Artist: 
Glynis, the gift box that you sent was very nice.  I enjoyed the Poundcake Sampler.  Thanks so much.  Everything was Just Sweet Enough.

Alonzo Bodden/Comedian: 
Glynis, you're great.  It has been a pleasure getting to know both you and Gerald.  Can't wait to spend some quality time with you two when I get to Denver.
Jay Lamont/Comedian: 
Glynis, you are a wonderful person.  Thanks for all of your help.

Amy Keys/Vocalist: 
Glynis, you are the best.  You are such a beautiful woman.  Thanks for delivering the perfect gift!!  Those Cookies on Sticks with all that gold on them were over the top!!
Kirk Whalum/Jazz Saxophonist: 
Glynis!! Girrrrl, you are the bomb.  May God continue to bless you and your business.

Phil Collins/Pop Recording Artist: 
Glynis, we enjoyed your gift box.  Thank you so much!!
Phil Perry/Jazz Vocalist: 
I opened up the box and started eating cookies before Lil got home.  Those cookies were good!

Anita Baker/Jazz/Soul Recording Artist: 
Glynis, you and Gerald are the best.  You are a class act.
Patti Labelle/ R&B Vocalist
Glynis, I am now calling you "the Sweet Potato Poundcake Lady!"

Arlington Jones/Jazz Pianist
Glynis, Girrrrrl, those Lemon Cookie Dots are great.   I enjoyed the Chicken and Waffles that you prepared for the entire band when we visited Denver.  Thank you!!!
Melvin Davis/Jazz Bassist
Sistah Gurrrrl, Nubian Queen, the desserts are great, but the Chicken and Waffles . . .my goodness.  The chicken was the bomb! The waffles literally melted in my mouth.  I can eat so many of them and not feel at all full.  Thank you, my Sistah.

Malcolm Jamal Warner/Actor & Musician
Glynis, thank you for always being there for me.
DL Hugley/ Actor & Comedian
Thanks, Pretty One, for the care package!!  Girrrrl, I have NEVER had waffles like your waffles!!!

Fred Wesley/Jazz Musician
Glynis, thank you so much for the treats.  They were delicious.
Earth, Wind, and Fire/ Recording Artists
Glynis!!  All of your treats didn't last long at all.  We enjoyed them!!  Send more!!!!

Lou Gossett, Jr./Actor and Author
Glynis, thank you for the care package.  I can't wait to get more of your treats.  It was nice seeing you while in Denver. 
Eric Darius/Jazz Saxophonist
Glynis, it was so much fun working with you on the cruise.  Your desserts are delicious!!  Thanks for being you. 

Ron White/Comedian
Glynis, thanks for the care package.  I ate every bite.  The poundcake slices and all the other treats were delicious!!!
David Benoit/Jazz Pianist
I had never thought of chicken with waffles before.  You have changed my life.  Yours is the best!! The waffles are sooo light!!  Never had anything like it. 

Sheila E/Recording Artist
Mamacita!!!!  Girrrrl, those waffles were the bomb!!  I love you my Creole sistah!!!  Thank you for feeding us ALL!!!
Dr. Chris Hill/Pastor of Potter's House of Denver
Mother Glynis Albright, thank you for Just Sweet Enough.  I loved my Sweet Potato Poundcake!!

Kirk Franklin/Gospel Recording Artist
Glynis, thanks so much for my care package!!
Oprah Winfrey/Actress
Television Personality and Icon:  The Cookie Dots were good!  Thank you. 

Emeril Lagasse/Celebrity Chef and Culinary Icon
Glynis, thank you so much for the beautiful Just Sweet Enough gift box!!
Dave Koz/Jazz and Pop Saxophonist
I love, love, love you!  You make a whole lotta hungry folks happy AND you make the best waffles known to man!!  Your waffles are sooooo light!!!

Mindi Abair/Jazz and Rock Saxophonist
Thank you for all the love you show us.  You make my day, my week, and my months!!!  Your waffles are heavenly!!!  What an experience.  Light as a feather!!!

John Legend:  Recording Artist/Vocalist
Glynis, thank you for the light and airy Waffles and delicious Chicken.  We loved your cooking!.  You really made an impression on all of us and we can't wait to come back. 

Martin Lawrence/Comedian and Actor
I loved my Just Sweet Enough gift box. We will be using your company for our gift-giving program.

Sinbad/Comedian, Actor and Musician
Glynis, Meredith and I enjoyed our treats. We'll be ordering more!

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